Eddie Coates for his C-82 photos taken at Long Beach Airport.
Ray Deacon
for use of his Mecom Oil C-82 photos.
Archie DeFante
, USAF Archivist at Maxwell AFB, for providing C-82 military histories.
Stanley Epstein
of Steward-Davis Intl. for historical documents on the C-82.
James H. Farmer
for Long Beach C-82 photos and background material.
Dick Lansman
for memories of his time at Steward-Davis Inc.
Alwyn T. Lloyd
for background material on the C-82 and C-119.
Charles Lunsford
for background on USAF Boxcar operations.
Jim Moffett for C-82 glider-tow data and photos.
Michael Prophet for use of his Alaskan C-82 photo collection.
Gordon Reid
for the notes from his aircraft log book on Long Beach derelicts.
Bob Thayer
for memories of his time at Steward-Davis Inc.
Dan Thompson
for Steward-Davis background information.
Jean-Pierre Trevor
for use of his Father's (Elleston Trevor), 1965 photo collection.
Clive Turner for C-82 accident data.
Richard Vandervord for photographic permission and assistance.
Andre van Loon for use of his C-82 photo collection.

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