s/n: 45-57780 / msn: 10150 / HP-219
Photographed at Miami Intl. Airport probably
in 1956 is "HP-219", a Panamanian registration
carried before it went to Peru as OB-WAE-438.
It was sold by Dispatch Services Inc., a company
run by one Thomas R. Green who, apparently
had CIA connections according to Christopher
Robbins' Air America book.

Photo: S. Beck Collection.
s/n: 45-57828 / msn: 10198 / HK-468
Colombian operator Lineas Aereas del
Colombianas' (LACE) C-82 around 1957. This
aircraft crashed in a Bolivian jungle where it
remains to this day. Note the vintage car in the

Photo: S. Beck Collection.
s/n: 44-23041 / msn: 10085 / N4828V
The Steward-Davis Skypallet conversion at
Long Beach in 1965. The yellow bands on the
booms are USAF Air Rescue markings left over
from when the aircraft was an SC-82A SAR

Photo: S. Beck Collection.
s/n: 44-23031 / msn: 10075 / N4833V
Photographed at Long Beach Airport in
March, 1963 under the ownership of New
Frontier Airlift Corp. The logo on the front
is Wiley Electronics who were at the time
doing aerial photography work.

Photo: Eddie Coates.
s/n: 45-577829 / msn: 10199 / HK-426
This C-82 lay derelict at El Dorado Intl. Airport,
Bogota, Colombia for many years before being
scrapped along with other aircraft in the grave-
yard to make way for a new runway. It was
photographed here in November, 1982.

Photo: Richard Vandervord.
s/n: 44-23029 / msn: 10073 / N4829V
One of United-Heckathorne's Jet-Packet 3400
aerial-spray conversions at Long Beach Airport
in March, 1963. The wording below the cockpit
is Skyspray. The C-82 in the background is

Photo: Eddie Coates.
s/n: 45-57782 / msn: 10152 / N5102B
Photographed at Torrance Municipal Airport,
California on 19 March, 1961, this C-82 was at
the time leased to Star Airlines Ltd. of Calgary,
Canada. It was later converted to a
Jet-Packet 1600.

Photo: Gary Killion Collection.
s/n: 45-57782 / msn: 10152 / N5102B
Another view of N5102B, this time as
a carrier for Studebaker's new Avanti
automobile on a nationwide sales tour.

Photo: Mike Jones Collection.
Mystery C-82A
An unidentified C-82 located in Guatemala
in the late 1950's. It is likely one of Ohio Oil
Co.'s Packets. The photo has been damaged
at some point.
s/n: 45-57780 / msn: 10150 / N127E
Ex-Mecom Oil Co. Packet seen here at the
Delta Technical School at Athens Airport
in Greece. The airframe was used at the
school from 1974 to 1986.

Photo: via Andre van Loon.
s/n: 44-23046 / msn: 10090 / N6985C
An early shot before this C-82 was converted
into a Jet-Packet 3400 for Steward-Davis. It is
seen here at Long Beach Airport in January,

Photo: Eddie Coates.
s/n: 44-23033 / msn: 10077 / N6999C
Down and out at Bob's Airpark in Tucson,
Arizona! N6999C was one of several Steward-
Davis Packets stored in Arizona but survived
the scrapper to be on display throughout the
80's at this fledgling museum. That's a P-2
Neptune in the background and what looks
to be a Convair-liner in the sky.
s/n: 44-23027 / 10071 / N8009E
In the process of being broken up. N8009E
looks doomed but the fuselage remains to
this day as a preservation item in Hagerstown.
It was photographed here at Anchorage in
September, 1987 while still owned by
Flying B. Inc.

Photo: Michael Prophet.

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