The Big Lift
USA / 20th Century Fox / 1950 / black&white / 119 minutes
Director: George Seaton
Cast: Montgomery Clift, Paul Douglas, Cornell Borchers, Bruni
Lobel, O.E. Hasse
Synopsis: Drama of two pilots assigned to the Berlin Airlift and the
two local women they meet. Actually filmed in Berlin during the real
airlift of 1948-1949 with mostly Douglas C-54 Skymasters.

C-82 content:
One brief shot of a C-82 landing in fog as part of a radar approach
sequence. One C-82 was used as a camera-ship for air-to-air aerial
photography of C-54 Skymasters landing at Berlin airport.

Operation Haylift
USA / Lippert Pictures / 1950 / black&white / 73 minutes
Director: William Berke
Cast: Bill Williams, Ann Rutherford, Tom Brown, Jane Nigh,
Joe Sawyer
Synopsis: Drama based on a real-life snow blizzard that crippled the
US cattle industry in 1949 and the efforts of USAF crews to airdrop
feed to live-stock.

C-82 content:
One C-82, CQ-050 (44-23050), was provided by the USAF for
filming. All other C-82 footage is from newsreel images of the
actual event. The film contains some good angles and low
fly-bys of the Packet but being a low budget B-grader there
is more drama on the ground than in the air.

Earth vs. the Flying Saucers
USA / Columbia Pictures / 1956 / black&white / 83 minutes
Director: Fred F. Sears
Cast: Hugh Marlowe, Joan Taylor, Donald Curtis, Morris Ankrum,
John Zaremba

Synopsis: Classic 50's sci-fi film sees Earth invaded by "saucer
men" and one scientist's efforts to stop them before its too late.

C-82 content:
One very brief shot of a C-82 during a military montage sequence,
most likely an ex-USAF film library shot.

The Flight of the Phoenix
USA / 20th Century Fox / 1965 / Color / 136 minutes
Director: Robert Aldrich
Cast: James Stewart, Richard Attenborough, Peter Finch, Hardy
Kruger, Ernest Borgnine
Synopsis: A C-82 Skytruck crashes in the Sahara Desert where
upon the survivors fashion a make-shift aircraft, the Phoenix,
from the wreckage in order to fly out.

C-82 content:
The ultimate C-82 movie!, flying scenes are sparse but theres
a C-82 (albeit a wreck), in every shot from start to finish! Four
Packets were provided to the film company by Steward-Davis.

See under: The Flight of the Phoenix in the side menu
for a detailed description of the aircraft in this film.

Beautiful Dreamer
USA / Imageworks Entertainment Intl. / 2006 / Color / 87 minutes
Director: Terri Farley-Teruel
Cast: Brooke Langton, Colin Egglesfield, James Denton, Barry
Corbin, Elise Jackson
Synopsis: A B-24 pilot loses his memory on a harrowing mission
into Germany and returns to the US with a new identity. His wife
later finds out what happened and begins a search for him.

C-82 content:
From present information it appears a mock-up C-82 cockpit
was built to simulate that of a B-24 Liberator! Trouble is the
seats and other components appear to be genuine C-82 so
this author is a bit stumped as to whether it's a film-set or
a real aircraft?

Hagerstown: Remembering Our Aviation

USA / 2005 / B&W-Color / 80 minutes
Produced by the Hagerstown Aviation Museum in Maryland,
USA where they are preserving Fairchild aircraft. "Collector's
Edition" DVD features a bonus disc of original films and a

C-82 content:
The C-82 section features many factory stills and footage of the
XC-82 prototype, shots of original drawings and plans plus 8mm
film footage from period air-shows including a fantastic C-82 fly-by.

Fairchild Aircraft 1926-1987
by Kent A. Mitchell
Narkiewicz-Thompson / 184 pages / 1997.

The main and only really good reference to the history of
Fairchild aircraft and the company behind them. Eight pages
are dedicated to the C-82 Packet with rare photos and diagrams.
Kent Mitchell is a Hagerstown resident and witnessed the maiden
flight of the XC-82 prototype.
This book is now quite rare and is considered a collector's item
fetching reasonably high prices amongst book buyers and sellers.

Fairchild C82 Packet and C-119
Flying Boxcar

by Alwyn T. Lloyd
Aerofax (Midland Publishing) / 192 pages / 2005.

The best C-82 reference book currently on the market is an
excellent read with many diagrams, schematics, photos and
reference tables. It is about 20% C-82 and 80% C-119. My
advice - buy a copy as this will become a rare book some day.

1945-1946 Fairchild C-82 Sales Brochure

A ten page brochure put out by Fairchild selling the
C-82 Packets unique cargo features. Plenty of detail
photos and a rare insight into the thinking of the time.

Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions:
Fairchild C-82 Packet

Short 62 page booklet published in 1945 goes into great detail
about how to operate this aircraft with everything from great
technical diagrams to detailed interior photos.
Covers the XC-82 and first "Block" batches of the Packet.

USAF Handbook: Fairchild C-82A

These handbook publications are an essential reference for
any aircraft enthusiast as they have first-hand weight and
performance figures plus all the other trimmings. For the
C-82, try to obtain a 1954 edition as these encompass all the
developments of the aircraft over it's career.


Northern Air Cargo of Alaska brochure advertising the C-82A.

Fairchild advertising leaflet, note the New York address
for the corporate headquarters.

Another leaflet used in magazine adverts.

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