Propliner History & Photography
Q&A, photos, discussions and much more by Ruud Leeuw.

The Aviation Zone
Top site for US "heavies". Detailed text and photos.
Great stories and rare photos on many propliners by Aad van der Voet.

Douglas DC-3 / C-47
The place to go for anything on this aircraft.

Armstrong-Whitworth Argosy
An excellent website dedicated to the British turbo-prop twin-boomer.
A fantastic selection of vintage and period aircraft with
email contacts for many of the photographers.

Two Flying Boxcar books by Charles L. Lunsford
A link to order these two excellent reads concerning the C-119. Chuck Lunsford was
a USAF radio operator in Europe in the 1950's and recounts his experiences in the
non-fiction book "Departure Message" (2001). He also has a second fictional book,
his first novel, about a C-119 crash behind the Iron Curtain in "Boxcar Down" (2005).

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