Anyone who professes to being a C-82 addict, like the author, will know all about the C-82 graveyard at Long Beach Airport.
Long Beach was the hub of C-82 activities in the 1960's as Steward-Davis was located there doing Jet-Packet conversions
and general C-82 maintenance. They had a large array of C-82 aircraft in various liveries and conditions along the flight-line,
but when the market went sour in the mid-1960's the Packets were parked up in storage. With engines stripped and sold,
the airframes became a curiosity to passers-by and aviation photographers who cared enough to record them.
By 1969-1970 a tightly packed group of Packets at Long Beach consisted of: N136E (44-22981), N4833V (44-23031),
N53228 (44-23036), N6985C (44-23046), CP-693 (45-57766), XA-LOJ (45-57740) and XA-LOK (45-57756).
Elsewhere on the apron was the still flying / operational N6887C (44-23015) and a C-82 fuselage (possibly 44-23052).
Below is a montage of photos collected during the last remaining years of these unique aircraft.

Rare color shot of N136E taken in 1967 and still with the remnants of it's old
Honduran Air Force livery. N53228 to the left and the tail of CP-693 on the right.

A very worn N4833V, veteran of the 1965 film The Flight of the Phoenix - the livery of
which it still carries in this shot from the late 1960's. N6985C in the background.
Photo: Andre van Loon Collection.

This C-82 was originally delivered to Mexicana Airlines as XA-LOL with dorsal-fillets.
Registered to go to Bolivia in 1960 as CP-693 it was never delivered even though the rego
was applied to the aircraft. Herb Steward acquired it and three or four other Packets from
Mexicana in 1962 and returned them all to Long Beach for re-sale. The two Vultee BT-13
Valiants in the background are presumably Val candidates for Tora! Tora! Tora!, ten of
which were acquired at the time of this photo in May, 1968.
N136E to the left and N6985C to the rear.
Photo: Richard Vandervord Collection.

One of the Mexicana Packets, XA-LOK, at Long Beach on July 25, 1969. This aircraft
was assigned US registration N1799 but was not taken up. XA-LOJ to the left
and N136E in the background.
Photo: Andre van Loon Collection.

The fictional movie company / livery of the Arabco Oil Co. still adorns this C-82A, N53228,
once a crop sprayer for the Master Equipment Co. in Wyoming. The wings and booms still
show the remnants of the Packet's military career as an SC-82A in the Air Rescue Squadrons
of MATS. The fuselage of N53228 (like N4833V), is a veteran of the 1965 James Stewart
film The Flight of the Phoenix. N136E to the right in background.
Photo: Bruce Orriss / 1970.

N6985C is something of a mystery aircraft...converted as a Jet-Packet 3400, FAA records
show it never had any leases or significant history to speak of. Theres no pictures of
it  away from Long Beach and the aircraft has always been seen in such pristine
condition as to make one think it might have been a demonstrator Packet?
CP-693 with an odd clamshell door in the background.
Photo: Bruce Orriss / 1970.

One of the last pictures ever taken of the Long Beach derelicts in 1972, just before they
were scrapped. Now shifted off the airport apron, Mexicana's XA-LOJ, along with
N6985C (right), N136E and CP-693 (both not in frame) are now housed in what looks
to be a disused storage area at the back of the airport.

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