After 11 years this website will close in April 2020.
www.uswarplanes.net will continue and be expanded to include
some of the C-82 data found on this website.
The C-82 book remains on sale.

 Welcome to the official website dedicated to the history and preservation
of the World's first purpose built, twin-boom cargo transport.
Designed and authored by Simon Beck.

The author collects any and all photos and material relating to the
Fairchild C-82 Packet, The Flight of the Phoenix film and Steward-Davis Inc.

WARNING: Many pages on this website are currently locked while the book is in print.


Aviation Historian Simon D. Beck has spent ten years researching
the subject of the Fairchild C-82 Packet and has now completed
the leading comprehensive volume on this aircraft. Included in this
one of a kind book is:

- A detailed technical description of the C-82 Packet.
- Sections covering USAF and foreign military history.
- In-depth civil operator details and lists.
- The complete individual histories of all 224 airframes.
- Multiple appendices and tables.
- Over 200 unique stills and diagrams.
- The first published history of C-82 company Steward-Davis Inc.
- A unique look at the C-82 film The Flight of the Phoenix (1965).

2017 McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, USA.
Available in print or ebook formats.

 Contact: sdbeck AT caverock DOT net DOT nz
DO NOT download photographs for commercial purposes
such as magazines without prior permission from the author!

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