s/n: 44-23016 / msn: 10060 / NC8855
An interesting photo of United Airlines' Flying
Mail Car in 1946 at Fairchild's Hagerstown factory.
Note the 'Fairchild Packet' logo on the engine
nacelle. The C-82 later went back to USAF service
but was written-off due to a forced-landing in
Wyoming in 1950.

Photo: S. Beck Collection.
s/n: 44-22961 / msn: 10005
A rare shot of the third C-82A built shows that
the first three airframes were delivered in an army
olive drab livery with the shorter nose section
similar to the XC-82. Subsequent airframes, from
s/n: 44-22962 (see below), were delivered in a bare
metal finish with the slightly longer nose.

Photo: Richard Lockett.
s/n: 44-22962 / msn: 10006
The fourth C-82A off the production line
introduced the bare metal finish and a more
contoured nose. Squadron emblems and
buzz number are yet to be added.

Photo: USAF official.
Starting the number two engine.
The flight-deck was so wide the throttle, pitch
and mixture levers were made as a dual set for
pilot and co-pilot. This pilot handles the mixture
levels while his right hand is on the engine
primer switch. The large wheel at the bottom of
the picture is the rudder tabs control. Judging
by the overhead panel this C-82A is an early
one (s/n: 44-22959 / 44-22988), with an updated

main panel.

Photo: USAF official.
C-82 overhaul line
The Aircraft Engineering & Maintenance Co.
(AEMCO) of Oakland, California had a military
contract to overhaul and service C-82 Packets
for the USAF.

Photo: William T. Larkins.
s/n: 43-13202 / msn: 10001
Staff photograph with the completed prototype.

Photo: Fairchild official.
C-82 Mock-up
The XC-82 prototype mock-up built for cargo
hold tests and feasibility studies.

Photo: Fairchild official.
s/n: 44-23027 / msn: 10071
Colorful shot of C-82A CQ-027 in service.

Photo: National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.
Rhein-Main AFB, West Germany
A changing of the guard for the USAF in
Europe as the more modern C-119 began
replacing the older C-82.

Photo: Bill Holt 1951.
s/n: 45-57755 / msn: 10125
Troop Carrier C-82A CQ-755 on a visit to
Italy in 1950. It would later enter the civil
market as N5109B.

Photo: Giorgio Salerno via Angelo Romano.
Troop Carrier C-82A Packets CQ-755 (45-57755),
CQ-773 (45-57773), CQ-770 (45-57770) and CQ-744
(45-57744) while on a visit to Italy in 1950.

Photo: Giorgio Salerno via Angelo Romano.
s/n: 45-57801 / msn: 10171
Taken in Italy in June, 1950, CQ-801 would
later crash in France on November 13, 1951
killing all 36 onboard.

Photo: Giorgio Salerno via Angelo Romano.
s/n: 45-57810 / msn: 10180
Possibly British personnel check out CQ-810
during a stop over on Malta in 1950. This
aircraft would later end up in Brazil as PP-CEM.

Photo: Giorgio Salerno via Angelo Romano.

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