The following is a summary of Fairchild aircraft developed since the production of the C-82 Packet. Although
the Packet was built in relatively small numbers, it's descendent, the C-119 Flying Boxcar became a major
cargo transport for the USAF and put Hagerstown on the aviation map as the Boxcar Plant.
It also represents the last original Fairchild designed product to be built in Hagerstown. All aircraft since
the Boxcar have been developed from Fairchild acquired companies or built under license from other
aircraft manufacturers. Several minor aircraft Fairchild were involved with in some capacity were the
Fairchild-Hiller FH-1100 helicopter (1966, 254 built to 1971), the popular Fairchild-Swearingen
(1971, 1000+ built) and Fairchild-Republic T-46A jet-trainer (1985, 3 built).

C-119 Flying Boxcar      
Fairchild Model: 110 Year Variant Total
First Flight: December 17, 1947 1948 C-119B 55
Production Period: 1948 - 1955 1949 R4Q-1 39
Last Flight: September 27, 1975 1950 C-119C 311
  1952 C-119F 238
  1952 R4Q-2 58
  1953 C-119G 484
      Total: 1185
Developed from the C-82 Packet via the XC-82B (XC-119A) prototype of 1947, the much improved C-119 still
bore the same railway style boxcar fuselage and twin-boom tail design. The definitive variant was the C-119G which incorporated all the refinements of the previous versions including a few new ones. 71 C-119F aircraft were built by
Kaiser-Frazer Corp. in Michigan and many were sold to overseas air forces both new and second hand. The C-119
served well in the civilian role as well, many featuring the Steward-Davis J34-WE jet-pak. Significant conversions
and prototypes were the XC-120 Packplane (1950), YC-119H Skyvan (1952) and Vietnam era
AC-119G / K Gunships (1968).

Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar in civil service, msn: 10955.
Photo: Manolo Aldana 2003.

C-123 Provider      
Base Aircraft: Chase CG-18 / C-122 Avitruc & XCG-20 / XC-123 Year Variant Total
Fairchild Model: 205 1953 C-123B 302
First Flight: September 1, 1954 1957 YC-123H 1
Production Period: 1953 - 1958     Total: 303
Originally designed in 1943 as a World War II assault glider by the Chase Aircraft Co. Much development
took place until eventually a piston-engined version flew in 1949 as the XC-123. Kaiser-Frazer brought
out Chase in late 1952 intending to put the C-123 into full production. With their poor C-119F production
record and some political intervention, K-M lost their C-123 contract to Fairchild in 1953 along with the
C-119F - one which Fairchild completed as 88 C-119G aircraft. Five C-123B Providers had been built
already but Fairchild refined the design and went on to built 302 C-123B Providers and one YC-123H
prototype. They later performed 183 conversions in 1966 as the definitive C-123K with under-wing
jet-pods. The C-123 also had a successful civil career.

Fairchild C-123K Provider in civil service, msn: 20158.
Photo: Graham Robson 1996.

F-27 / FH-227 Friendship      
Base Aircraft: Fokker F.27 Friendship Year Variant Total
First Flight: April 12, 1958 1958 F-27 129
Production Period: 1958 - 1968 1966 FH-227 78
      Total: 207
The turboprop powered Dutch built Fokker F.27 short-haul airliner first few in 1954 and went on
to become one of the success stories of the airliner market of the 1950s and 60s. Fairchild expressed
early interest in producing the aircraft under license for Western hemisphere operators and gained
production rights in 1956, the first Hagerstown F-27 flying in 1958. Six variants followed with various
engine and seating differences for the total of 129 as the F-27 / A / B / F / J / M.
Fairchild acquired Hiller Helicopters Corp. in 1964 as the Fairchild-Hiller Corp. and had been developing
a stretched version of the Friendship as the FH-227 (Fairchild Model 538), with a 6-foot extension forward
of the wings. The first of 78 flew in 1966 and five variants were produced as the FH-227 / B / C / D / E.

Fairchild-Hiller FH-227B Friendship, msn: 559.
Photo: Richard Vandervord 1981.

PC-6 / AU-23A Peacemaker      
Base Aircraft: Pilatus PC-6 Turbo-Porter Year Variant Total
First Flight: 1966 1966 PC-6 56
Production Period: 1966 - 1976 1971 AU-23A 36
      Total: 92
Fairchild acquired the rights to build the Swiss Pilatus PC-6 Turbo-Porter in Hagerstown in 1964 but modifying
them to use both US and Canadian turboprop engines. 56 were were sold to civil operators, many going to CIA
owned Air America Inc. which found the STOL characteristics an advantage in South East Asia. Fairchild also
built 36 under the USAF designation AU-23A for delivery to Thailand as armed counter-insurgency aircraft.

Fairchild PC-6/B2-H2 Turbo-Porter, msn: 2026.
Photo: David Lednicer 2006.

A-10 Thunderbolt II      
First Flight: May 10, 1972 Year Variant Total
Production Period: 1972 - 1984 1972 YA-10 2
  1973 YA-10A 6
  1975 A-10A 707
      Total: 715
In 1965 Fairchild acquired the Republic Aviation Corp. which by 1972 had become the Fairchild-Republic Co.
of parent company Fairchild Industries Inc. Republic was famous for it's line of ground-attack fighter aircraft
in the Thunderbolt series, namely the P-47, F-84 and F-105. When the USAF required a new attack aircraft
Fairchild submitted a new prototype as the A-10 Thunderbolt II, named in honour of the World War II P-47.
Success followed for Fairchild who went on to built a total of 715 A-10 aircraft, much better known as the
Warthog, the last of which was delivered to the USAF in 1984. This year also marked the last one for aircraft
production at Hagerstown, the plant was subsequently closed and sold off, Fairchild left the aviation business
altogether in 1987. The A-10 continues in service today with the USAF currently upgrading 356 as the A-10C.

Fairchild-Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II, s/n: 79-0123.
Photo: Paul Santos 2008.

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