- January 2017: Photo Gallery pages updated with several new photos.
- September 2016: A book is soon to be available on the C-82 Packet by website owner Simon D. Beck. It should be noted here
  that several pages on this website have been withdrawn, at the request of the publisher, for the period the book will be in print.


C-82 Accidents
- Date of accident for XH-139 crash in Honduras.

Steward-Davis Jet-Packet
- Would like more details on Jet-Packet models and specifications.
- Some documents state C-82 N6887C as being a Jet-Packet Model II even though it was
  never fitted with a J34-WE engine. Does the Model II reference therefore refer to systems
  & engine modifications to either J30 or J34 fitted aircraft?

The Flight of the Phoenix
- I'm looking for a photo of the fourth C-82 used in the film The Flight of the Phoenix (1965),
  it may have been the wingless fuselage at Long Beach Airport in the late 1960's.